Something intentionally passed down for future generations to cherish and uphold

Logo 2000-2018

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, staff, ministry team, board of directors, and all of our volunteers who make our ministry possible.


If you would like to become a part of the Legacy Staff, Ministry Team, or become a sponsor, please call us at 478-892-3449

Legacy Outdoor Ministries is a ministry organization that focuses in building the Legacy of Jesus Christ through the Great Outdoors.

Since January of 2000, we have use the outdoor recreations of hunting and shooting sports to bring men out of their man-made world, and back into God’s great creation where they might encounter God and have a life changing experience with Jesus Christ. Our focus is to encourage men and boys to become Men of God, to equip Christian men in their roles as husbands and fathers and call them up to be Strong Christian Leaders in their Families, Churches, and Communities.

To start, Legacy accomplished this through Wild Game Suppers, Boys Day Camps, Father Son Hunt Trips.  Now, Legacy Outdoor Ministries has grown to include Father/ Son Hunts, Father/ Daughter Hunts, Turkey Hunts, Multiple Summer Camps, and outreach opportunities.

Now, Legacy Outdoor Ministries (LOM) is a year-round ministry running out of Browndale Plantation in Hawkinsville, GA. This 2500+/- acre plantation with Lodge is where we host our Father/Son, Father/ Daughter Hunts, Turkey Hunts, Ministry Retreats, Group Events, and summer camps. With this new location God is constantly using and growing the ministry in ways that we never dreamed.

Many people grew up learning and living the Legacy of the Great Outdoors. Throughout history, people all over the world hunt, fish, and take part in other outdoor recreations and sports. For some people, the Outdoors are a hobby or entertainment and for others, it is a way of life.

We at Legacy Outdoor Ministries use this passion of the Great Outdoors to share and pass down an even greater legacy, the Legacy of Jesus Christ. This legacy, while offered to all, must be intentionally accepted and passed down to the next generation.   After all it is the only legacy that will last for all of eternity.