Due to lack of registration and heat advisory we will be canceling our Shooting Class for August.

We will be holding self defense shooting classes for pistol and rifles in October. We do not have dates scheduled at this time. However if you are interested in attending a self defense shooting class. Please fill out the interest form below and we will contact when we have set a date.

The Defensive Shooting: Pistol 1 Class is an introduction to basic firearm and self-defense principles.
The follow schedule outlines the focuses that will be covered during this course.

Firearm Safety
Case Law of Defensive Shooting (GA law about self-defense)
Fundamental Pistol Technique
            Sight Alignment
            Trigger Control
            Target Engagement
Shot Placement
Situational Awareness

 Interest Form

Lead Instructor: Officer Mike Stokes of Houston County Sheriff’s Dept.
Officer Doug Blackmon

Capt. Stokes and Sergt. Blackmon have over 50 years of combined law enforcement and firearms training. They are experience in firearm instruction for local and state law enforcement, swat teams, and civilians. These officers are strong Christian men and believe in your right to self-preservation. They are committed to teaching self-defense and how to protect your-self, your family and community.