Sausage and Apples

1lbs. Link Sausage (I use deer sausage can use smoked, hot, etc. according to preference.)
4-6 apples cored and sliced (Fuji apples hold shape well. Granny smith have a bit of pop.)
¼ Cup Butter
½ Cup brown sugar
½ Tsp Cinnamon
2 TBSP Cornstarch

1.     Precook sausage 30 min in 350-degree oven. (Omit this step for smoked sausage)

2.    Melt butter in skillet and add apple slices cook 5-8 minutes, until apples start to get tender

3.    Slice sausage into 1-inch links. Add to apples.

4.    Mix brown sugar and cinnamon. Gently incorporate with apples and sausage. (If you want a thinker sauce mix cornstarch with brown sugar and cinnamon.)

5.    Simmer for 10 minutes until apples are completely tender.

Sausage and Apples is a mainstay in the Legacy kitchen. It is a wonderful breakfast supper with skillet bread or Johnny Cakes, or great morning fare when you want something a bit different. The biggest upset at the breakfast table was if someone dared to throw away an uneaten piece of deer sausage.